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Our Story

A New Venture from Avocado

Hass is a new venture from Avocado Green Brands — one of the most sustainability-obsessed brands on the planet. At its core, Avocado is an environmental platform. We raised the bar for sustainability in the mattress and bedding industry. Now, we’re doing the same with apparel. We believe fashion can be responsible. By harnessing natural, organic, and recycled materials, as well as low-impact dyes, we’re able to work harmoniously with the planet — not against it. And because we stitch almost everything we make in Global Organic Textile Standard certified facilities in Los Angeles with the finest fabrics from around the world, we ensure social responsibility at every step of our supply chain.



The Hass model is better for you. It’s also better for our workers. It’s better for communities. And it’s better for the planet.

Hass is Climate Neutral certified and a Certified B Corporation. We’re also members of 1% for the Planet and donate 1 percent of our annual revenue to environmental causes. And with every purchase, we donate a meal to someone in our community in need. It’s through these initiatives and our commitment to a clean supply chain that we believe Hass can be a vehicle for good, both locally and globally.

Why Made in LA Matters

More than 95 percent of clothing is imported from overseas.

Often, the clothes are made in factories with devastating environmental impacts and terrible human rights violations, including forced child labor. Intensive carbon emissions from transporting garments overseas increases the greenhouse gasses that lead to the climate crisis.

That’s why we stitch Hass products right here in Los Angeles (with the exception of our alpaca collection, which is ethically made in Peru) with Lenzing certified modal from Austria, GOTS organic certified cotton from India, and Supima cotton from the American Southwest. California has some of the most strict standards for social and environmental responsibility in the world, and we’ve thoroughly vetted our factory partners to ensure we’re working with the best. It may cost a little bit more to do it this way, but it’s the right thing to do. We’re proud to reduce our environmental impact while supporting the economy in our local community with safe jobs and competitive wages and benefits.

Sustainable Fashion Is Better For the Planet

Fast fashion accounts for 10 percent of all carbon emissions.

The industry is the second-largest consumer of water — it takes 700 gallons to produce one non-organic cotton shirt. Toxic textile dyes are the second-largest polluter of water. Meanwhile, 85 percent of all textiles end up in landfills each year, and synthetic clothing made from petroleum byproducts, like polyester and nylon, will never decompose.

Our materials — organic cotton, linen, modal, wool, and alpaca — are entirely sustainable. Our natural, organic, and innovative materials use less water, are not byproducts of fossil fuels, and are dyed using low-impact dyes. They biodegrade and can be processed in a way that is safe for people and the planet. 

Slow Fashion

Hass is not fast fashion

We want you to buy less and wear it more. We build our clothing with its lifecycle at the forefront. That’s why we design every piece with timeless elegance, durable natural materials, and careful attention to every stitch. Doing it this way costs a little more up front, but given their versatility, functionality, and style, our clothes are more practical and economical than something discarded after a season or two.