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Carbon Offsets

The Global Threat of Climate Change

Climate change has devastating impacts on communities around the globe. We’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions through forward-thinking energy reductions and efficiencies combined with cost-effective carbon offsets. That's why we’ve partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) — a nonprofit that empowers businesses to find balance with the environment.

Cause & Effect

Our climate troubles began as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Since then, carbon dioxide emissions in our atmosphere have continued to increase — primarily from the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. This, in turn, is having a dramatic impact on our climate, by warming and altering our weather patterns, melting glaciers, releasing stored methane deep from within permafrost, and rising sea levels. This is an environmental catastrophe already having destructive consequences for human health.

Although the far-reaching impacts of climate change sound daunting, just a 2% decrease in emissions per year could make a real and lasting impact. This is why BEF’s work to help businesses develop effective solutions to reduce their impact is essential.

Why Offsets Matter

We partner with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset more than our entire carbon footprint — to be in effect, "carbon negative." ​​Carbon offsets are vehicles for paying to remove carbon from the atmosphere or prevent greenhouse gases from getting there in the first place by financing things like forest conservation or clean energy. For 2020, we funded verified projects through BEF to purchase 39,000 offsets. That’s the carbon dioxide equivalent of nearly 100 million miles driven in the average passenger vehicle — and about 25 percent more than the company generated over the year. We also recognize that carbon offsets alone won't solve climate change. As a member of Ceres, we work with like-minded businesses to advocate for legislation that will transform the economy to build a just and sustainable future for people and the planet.

We supported the following projects, identified by BEF for their impact: the Greater New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy project in Massachusetts; the Lee County Waste to Energy program in Florida; the Clinton Landfill #2 Gas Collection and Combustion Project in Illinois; the Doe Mountain Forest Management project in Tennessee; the Crow Lake Wind Project in South Dakota; and the Winston Creek Forest Project in Washington.

We Can All Make
 a Difference

As an activist company focused on sustainability and social responsibility, we are always conscious of ways to reduce, offset, improve, and analyze the full life-cycle of our products. We're not perfect, but we want to help lead the way. We believe we an all do our part to reduce our impact. Follow our magazine for everyday tips on how you too can make choices to help fight climate change.

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We believe in science. So we’ve joined nearly 3,000 mayors, county executives, governors, tribal leaders, college and university leaders, businesses, faith groups, and investors to show that we stand by the Paris Climate Agreement and are committed to meetings its urgent goals. Join us!

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