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Styling Our Collections with Hass Apparel Production Manager Jacqueline

Image courtesy of Katherine Guerrero.   At Hass, we build our clothing with its lifecycle at the forefront. That’s ...
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Why Transparent Manufacturing & Made in the USA Matters

Much of the conversation around human rights issues in the fashion industry has been internationally focused. Think...
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Why Fast Fashion is So Harmful

The only obvious harm a $5 skirt and two for $10 shirts might be causing you personally is a cluttered closet (whic...
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The Nonprofit Working to End Textile Waste

It’s no secret the fast fashion industry is a major climate change contributor. Globally, it creates an average of ...
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What Is Slow Fashion?

To understand the slow fashion movement, it’s important to know what it’s not. In simplest terms, the concept is th...
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Behind The Scenes: Our First Capsule Collection

Natural materials. Responsible sourcing. Timeless wardrobe essentials. Meet Hass, a new venture from Avocado Green ...
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