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Shop Sustainably at These 7 Online Thrift Stores

Shop Sustainably at These 7 Online Thrift Stores

There’s something magical about shopping at vintage stores and thrift shops. The experience comes with a unique thrill you can’t conjure when sifting through racks of homogenous styles at a regular retail space. Plus, it’s a more sustainable buying option. Fast fashion accounts for 10 percent of carbon emissions, and the industry is the second-largest consumer of water. It takes 700 gallons of water to produce one non-organic cotton shirt.  

Unfortunately, with the onset of Covid-19, the ability to spend lazy Saturdays perusing the aisles at your local thrift store became nearly impossible for the average shopper. But savvy thrifters stepped in to fill the void, taking advantage of everyone’s time at home by showcasing and selling their best vintage pieces on Instagram. The shift also inspired shoppers to rethink the types of clothing they were buying — research shows that 15 percent of consumers in the U.S. and Europe expect to buy more ecologically and socially sustainable clothing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

And thanks to the online thrift store boom, it’s easier than ever to invest in new pieces that are long-lasting and eco-friendly without even leaving the couch. So whether you’re looking for new staples to add to your closet or you’re interested in joining the global movement in sustainable fashion, here are seven of our favorite shops to spruce up your closet and home. 


1. Aarica Nichole Vintage

Based in Dallas, Texas, Aarica Nichole Vintage is an upcycled goods and vintage clothing store with an array of fun and colorful pieces you’ll fall in love with. Founder Aarica Nichole sells her vintage finds via Etsy and ships them in 100% eco-friendly mailers. You’ll find a range of funky art, dreamy décor, and must-have garments. From button-down sleeveless vest blouses and double-breasted long sleeve trench coats to chunky long sleeve sweaters and mini skirts, her stylish pieces are throwbacks to the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. 


2. Washington Ave.



Founded by Lakeitha Washington, Washington Ave. features new, reworked, and vintage clothing with a modern twist. Based in Louisiana, the brand has a curated collection of tops, blazers, jackets, and sets — all eloquently designed in an array of patterns, stripes, and culturally inspired fabric. There’s something for every occasion, plus a range of sizing options that aren’t easy to find at your typical vintage market. 


3. Home Union

This NYC-based store is a treasure full of classic yet futuristic furniture for your home. Founded by couple Meghan Lavery and Daniel King, Home Union has a sixties-style feel, with most items born from 1960 to 1980. From striped knot pillows and totem mugs to cozy cashmere chairs and retro lamps, you’ll find the perfect staple to spruce up your space. 


4. Random And Chic



Freelance stylist and fashion activist Shayla Janel Hill founded Random And Chic “For The Girls Who Standout On Purpose.” Their vintage pieces are bold, glamorous, and high-fashion — staples for anyone who can’t get enough of the ’80s and ’90s. Oversized tees, vintage blouses, and power suits are some of the apparel you’ll find on their website. New arrivals drop every Sunday at 7 pm CST. 


5. Adaptations NY


The collection of vintage and modern home décor at Adaptations NY is unmatched. Owned by Kyla Burney, the store has a range of charming boho-style furniture and small quirky items that are definite conversation starters. The shop’s Instagram is a visually pleasing assemblage of their pillows, vases, mirrors, glass tables, and vintage chairs. Warning: You’ll be tempted to buy everything.




Coastal vibes and mountain flair come together at Sunworn Vintage, an upcycled brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah. After losing her job during the pandemic, founder Dana started working on the store full-time to support herself financially. All of the pieces are handmade using local thrift store items that Dana designs and reworks into wearable attire, including colorful sweaters, tees, and pants, along with vintage towels.


7. BLK MKT Vintage

Founded in 2014 by Kiyanna Stewart and Jannah Handy,  BLK MKT Vintage is a “curated love story.” The store reflects Black cultural expression — featuring Black vintage literature, art, home décor, and more. If you’re a fan of the HBO series Insecure, you’ll notice the main character Issa wearing the store’s vintage shirts — including a United Negro College Fund T-shirt that reads, “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste.”