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Styling Our Collections with Hass Apparel Production Manager Jacqueline

Styling Our Collections with Hass Apparel Production Manager Jacqueline

Image courtesy of Katherine Guerrero.


At Hass, we build our clothing with its lifecycle at the forefront. That’s why we design each piece with timeless elegance, durable natural materials, and careful attention to each stitch. Doing it this way costs a little more up front, but the result is versatile, stylish wardrobe essentials that feel better and last longer.

From cozy layering to casual daytime fits, Hass’s Apparel Production Manager Jacqueline shows us how to dress up, dress down, and style our capsule collections.

How to Style the Alpaca Ribbed Sweater From Day to Night

JV: The alpaca ribbed sweater is so luxe that it can absolutely be a transitional piece from day to night. During the day, pair it with some cute jeans, our organic cotton tee, and a comfortable shoe. At night, a quick change into a slip skirt and a heeled boot with the alpaca ribbed sweater is easy and perfect for going out and staying warm. 

How to Style Our Organic Cotton Tee Three Ways

JV: Our entire cotton collection is very versatile. I've found the best way to style the organic cotton tee is to simply tuck it into a pair of high-waisted jeans — our colors are nice and neutral so that even a pop of our terracotta color elevates an outfit. 

Another way I like to style the cotton tee is to dress it up a bit. I’ll wear it with my nicer pant, more like a dress pant — tucked in with some cute flats and my leather jacket. I also like to layer our pieces. I’m currently very into layering our organic cotton long sleeve with our fleece short sleeve pullover — I love mixing the navy long sleeve with our fern-colored fleece.


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How to Style the Fleece T-Shirt Dress For a Casual Day Out

JV: Our t-shirt dress is the best casual piece. It’s already one complete outfit — and a quick and easy choice. I’m a big fan of high tops, so on a casual day out, I’ll pair this dress with my white high-top vans or even a pair of converse. If it’s chilly, I like to layer it with a long sleeve underneath or even a nice jean jacket over the dress.

How to Dress Up the Fleece T-Shirt Dress

JV: Elevating the t-shirt dress effortless with a sleek blazer. I even like to add a fun high heel for a pop of color. It also goes well with a pair of tights underneath to add a little bit extra warmth. Our fleece t-shirt dress is the ideal base piece, so you can really add whatever you feel comfortable and confident in.

How to Wear the Modal Long Robe for Ultimate Coziness

JV: Coziness is our entire motto! The Modal long robe is great with our entire collection. I like to wear it with our modal tank and modal pant — being wrapped up in this silky fabric is awesome. If I’m looking for a little bit more warmth, I’ll slip on our fleece sweatpants with the cotton long sleeve top and add the modal robe for extra comfort.  


Hass, Slow Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Modal Long Robe


How to Wear the Alpaca Pima Hoodie and Fleece Crewneck Pullover in Spring, Fall, and Winter

JV: The Pima hoodie is a really cozy piece. And if you are looking for next-level comfort, definitely wear it with the jogger as a set. The sweater is great to wear with a casual pair of jeans or leggings in the fall with some cute boots. During chilly spring mornings and evenings, this hoodie is light enough that it can be added to your outfit when you’re hanging out outside. And when the sun starts to set, you can throw on this unbelievably soft layer with alpaca fibers that will keep you warm.

The fleece crewneck is also versatile for multiple seasons. It’s a nice lightweight, soft fabric, which makes it a perfect layering piece that can be styled underneath a raincoat for the winter weather — or added to a jacket. The fleece crewneck is also just a nice go-to classic piece because even on its own it will keep you warm, especially in the fall season. I personally wear mine multiple times a week. I like to add it to a pair of jeans for a casual, effortless look.